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About us

About us

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Binyu Industrial Technology Service (Shanghai) center is a new high-tech enterprise of new material, automotive composite material society, open injection molding society, traditional craft and study travel, training study service and so on. Aims to provide customers with "professional, efficient and efficient" technical services, become a leader in the service industry. To provide the enterprise with component maintenance, the renovation of the equipment, the preventive maintenance, the complete outsource of the equipment, the special machine design, the equipment management consultation and so on.

The company has nearly 100 employees, set up the R & D Center for mechanical and electrical technology services, the electrical product maintenance experiment center of component level, the non standard design and manufacturing center, and set up a service network system covering the whole country. With the service outsourcing business of a number of enterprises and the maintenance outsourcing business of nearly one hundred billion equipment in enterprises and institutions, the company has provided the customer with hundreds of thousands of inverter and other equipment of component level maintenance services, hundreds of various imported machine tools and other equipment.

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