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1.The history of VENT

        Vent Research is a professional research institution in the field of injection molding. In academic research and technical practice, it has attracted the attention and participation of well-known domestic and foreign universities and enterprises. It has established branches in Japan (Kansai headquarters, Kanto branch), South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysi

        The injection molding machines began popular in 1950, and piston injection molding machines became the mainstream. With the rapid increase in the types of raw materials and the diversification of plastic products, reciprocating screw injection molding machines have been developed and become mainstream. After that, a "Vent" injection molding machine which has no need of drying process and can prevent poor molding due to gas has been developed.

        This research will combine research and production with new technologies, aiming at popularization in the injection molding industry. There will be not only basic research but also practical applications, and collaboration between researchers and companies.

•In 2016, a seminar was held every two months in Japan,so it was opened six times in a year. And 38 lectures have been conducted so far. Vent was identified, tested and explained three times, and tests were conducted once. 

•The Vent seminar was held in Osaka (Japan) in April 2017 and the Kanto branch of Japan was established in October. In May of the same year, the Vent Research Conference was held in Shanghai for the first time. And it will expand the Vent research conferences in South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian regions.

•In May 16, 2017, the Vent Institute held a commemorative lecture at the Songjiang Campus of Donghua University in Shanghai, China (as is shown in the picture), and proposed the establishment of the Vent China branch.

Vent China in May 16,2017

2.The members of VENT

Chairman of the Seminar:
浅井 真吾 Konica Minolta, Inc. Managing Director

Employer of  members
浅井 真吾
濱田 泰以
Kyoto  Institute of Technology
市川 博章
居野家 博之
Kyoto  Institute of Technology
及川 真
岡部 雅行
Mitsui Chemicals CO.,  LTD.
荻野 晴彦
Shiraishi Biomass  CO.,  LTD.
北山 威夫
Sumitomo  Chemical Company CO.,  LTD.
楠原 泰英
住田 嘉久
HINODE Resin  Industries CO.  LTD.
長井 聡
Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics CO.  LTD.
石崎 浩二
播摩 一成
Daikyo  Nishikawa  CO., LTD.
藤原 清志
吉川 謙二
吉野 智胤
杉原 誠
阳 玉球
Donghua University

3.Vent China in 2017

        The Vent (Vent Injection Molding) Chinese Memorial Lecture was held on May 14-16, 2017 at Songhua Campus of Donghua University. It is a section of the songjiang sub-conference of Chinese-Japanese Composite Material Performance and Low Cost Discussion Week, which was held in Beijing and Shanghai on May 11-16. This Lecture attracted experts from many famous universities and companies domestic and overseas.

        Vent Injection Molding Research Institute is a professional research institute in the field of injection molding and has established branches in Japan, South Korea and Thailand. At the Vent China commemorative speech held on May 16th, Vice President Wang Yuping of the Chinese Chemical Fibre Society attended as guest. The Chairman of Vent Japan Research Association, Managing Director of Konica Minolta Group Inc. — Dr. Asai Yugo and the Deputy Dean of Textile Department of Donghua University— Prof. Guo Jiansheng, delivered their speech. Representatives of Japanese companies such as Japan’s SJJ Corporation’s Nao Hara, Japan’s Yuki Kiwaoka, and Professor Hamada Taechi from Kyoto Institute of Technology, and Associate Professor Yang Yuqiu from the Textile Department of Donghua University also gave lectures. The lectures covered the history of Vent injection molding, the introduction of Vent mold cleaning, and the introduction of Vent China's activities. Materials such as Kumhosunny Plastics Co. LTD, KINGFA Technology Co. LTD, and Sunny New Technology Development Co.,Ltd., as well as representatives of upstream companies such as SSGMW Automobile Co., Ltd. also actively participated in the discussions, and the live interaction was enthusiastic.

        This Chinese-Japanese composite material performance and low-cost production seminar (Songjiang branch venue) conducted at Donghua University enabled both China and Japan to conduct in-depth exchanges on the development of composite materials and also promote the development of composite materials between China and Japan.

4.Contact information

The official Wechat ID of Vent
Contact person: Amy Yang

      Donghua University

      Address: Room 3055, Building 3, No.2999, North Renmin Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

      Tel:021-3778370 15121179082